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Belgium Requires VAT Registrations for Amazon Sellers

December 20, 2022

Amazon Sellers that store goods at Amazon's newly built FBA Warehouse in Belgium will be required to register for VAT in Belgium. The new Amazon FBA warehouse in Belgium will accept items from Amazon Logistics facilities in France and Germany, among others.


The Seller who signed up for Amazon's Pan-European FBA program continues to retain ownership of the items even as they are transported from one European country to another. As a result, the Seller is responsible for ensuring that all VAT compliance requirements are met.


For instance, while transporting inventory from one Amazon FBA warehouse to another, the Seller engages in considered intra-Community supply and acquisitions in both the country of arrival and the country of departure. 


These transactions must be disclosed in all affected nations.


Additionally, various taxable transactions from the nation of dispatch occur while items are stored in such distribution facilities. These include domestic supply B2B and B2C, intra-Community distance sales, etc.


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