German Packaging Act

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German Packaging Act

The German packaging Act, otherwise known as Verpackungsgesetz, or VerpackG.


This new Packaging Law came into force in 2019 and the so called Central Agency Packaging Register (LUCID) monitor the market with the help of a register where companies have to sign up before they start selling products with packaging.

The Packing and Packaging Act requires manufacturers, distributors or importers of packaging or packaged products to contribute to the cost of waste disposal. Germany has incorporated its packaging act into German Law. It is therefore mandatory for manufacturers or sellers, putting products on the German market that use packaging, including external packaging, final retail packaging, food industry containers, and transport packaging materials, to register and obtain a recycling license. The packaging law states that it is mandatory for all sellers to declare product packaging materials using material type (i.e. paper, cardboard, plastic) and weight.

Businesses selling goods in the German market that fail to comply with the German Packaging Act can face fines of up to 50,000 euros and a ban on sales. 

Do I need to Register?

If you are selling products in Germany, you are required to register with an VerpackG provider and declare recycling. In Germany Packaging recycling is declared 2 times per year.

NOTE: if you are an Amazon seller, as of 1st of January 2022 it is also an Amazon Seller Central requirement for all vendors selling goods that fall under German EPR to register with and EPR Service Provider. 

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What Documents are Required for Registration?
Business license (scanned copy)
Certificate of Incorporation (scanned copy)
Business Legal Representatives ID (scanned copy)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Should the registration be done in the name of the business or business owner?

Answer: Registration is not based on the store or brand owner, but should be completed by the EU importers before the product is shipped to Germany. For example, if stores sell a variety of products and have multiple EU importers, then these EU importers are obliged to complete the packaging registration. Sellers who buy from the importer and sell it online and offline in Germany do not need to register again.

Question: Does registering with VerpackG require packaging to have recycling or other information printed on it?

Answer: The packaging law does not require mandatory recycling information printed on it. But for insurance reasons, it is recommended to print the recycling signs on packaging.

Question: If you do not register for EPR, will Amazon restrict/suspend your amazon seller account or block you German sales in any other way?

Answer: Amazon may take appropriate measures to ensure that the seller meets the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Please pay attention to the policy update of the seller's background.