EPR Furniture France

SafariStar specialises in Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) and are part of Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) for EPR. Making your Recycling and EPR obligations simple and allowing your business to remain policy compliant with Amazon Seller Platform as well as the latest EU Regulations.

EPR Furniture France

In France, producers are subject to a number of legal obligations under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). These include not only the WEEE, battery and packaging directives adopted from European law. Among other waste streams, the French legislation also holds producers of furniture and textiles responsible for the collection, treatment and recycling of their waste products.

2010 law on National Environmental Commitment stipulates that “any natural or legal person who manufactures, imports or places furniture items onto the market shall be responsible for collecting and waste processing from said products at the end of their life cycle”. This provision sets out the principle of “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR) applied to the furniture industry.

According to article R. 541-10-1 10° of the Code de l’environnement, there is a general obligation to register if you place furniture on the French market. 

Do I need to Register?

If you manufacture, sell or import furniture products into the French market, then you must comply with the French Furniture EPR. Moreover, if you are an Amazon seller, as of 1st of January 2022 it is also an Amazon Seller Central requirement for all vendors selling goods that fall under French EPR to register with and EPR Service Provider. 


In order to sell in compliance with the French law, producers of furniture or textiles must fulfil their legal obligations. These include, among other things, registration with and quantity reporting to the competent authorities. You will then also receive your unique identification number (UIN) issued by the French authorities. The UIN proves that you have registered as producer. Furthermore France requires that you make a yearly recycling declaration.

Safari Star can support you with all requirements to stay EPR compliant. Contact us to get a quotation.

Need More information?

What Documents are Required for Registration?
Business license (scanned copy)
Certificate of Incorporation (scanned copy)
Company Legal representative ID (scanned copy)
Product picture (best picture with logo)
Product specification (some products are provided together)
Letter of authorization (provided by us)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I am an Amazon seller and I have received an EPR registration reminder from Amazon, what should I do? 

Answer: As of January 1st 2022, Amazon requires all sellers selling in the french market to be EPR compliant. If you have received an EPR registration reminder, then you will need to do the following:

① checks whether the products produced or sold meet the EPR commodity category;

② confirms that its products produced or sold cover several categories;

③ calculates the number of relevant stores that you need to declare;

④ registered the relevant regulations, and put relevant marks on the products and packaging, and declare regularly;

⑤ fills in the registration certificate on the platform (generally have: registration certificate and registration number).