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Battery Law French

Battery Law French

In 2014, the French Environmental Code R.543-172 to R.543-206 translated the EU WEEE Directive into national law, clarifying the recycling requirements for electronic and electrical products sold in France.

In fact, in France in 1975 defined the Responsabilite elargie des producteurs (REP), requiring producers to be responsible for the recycling of waste produced by their products.

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) is the head of waste recycling, which has established the SYDEREP (SYsteme DEclaratif des filieres REP, the extended producer liability statement system) to implement waste furniture, scrap electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), household packaging, waste batteries and batteries (PA), waste paper, fluoridated gas (GF), old tires (PU) and scrap vehicles (ELV).

The purpose of Battery Law is to increase the percentage of batteries that are returned. This is because batteries contain valuable raw materials as well as substances that are environmental and health hazards. The Battery law extends the responsibility of manufacturers for the batteries they place on the market to cover the entire life cycle of their equipment.

It therefore requires manufacturers, distributors or importers of batteries who must contribute to the cost of disposing of them. Companies are obliged to take back the batteries they have placed on the market and dispose of them in accordance with specific environmental standards.

What Documents are Required for Registration?
Business license (scanned copy)
Certificate of Incorporation (scanned copy)
Legal Company Representatives ID (scanned copy)
Pictures of the Batteries
Letter of authorization (provided by us)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What information should the EPR provide to the buyer's product after registration?

After registering the EPR, the seller must put relevant information or marks on the product, including but not limited to:
French battery method Triman logo or forked garbage bin recycling logo is printed on the outer packaging of electronic products containing batteries or with batteries sold separately.
Print the recovery registration number on the invoice for sale.

What should I pay attention to when submitting registration letters and registration numbers to the amazon seller platform for EPR verification?

The seller receives the registration letter and registration number of each EPR product classification and submits it to Amazon Seller Central for review. Different French / German EPR providers, as well as different product categories, have a separate registration numbers. Example: The WEEE business submission number in Germany is not a registration number and will not be accepted by amazon as proof of registration.

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