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EPR Paper Tax France

EPR Paper Tax France

The Paper Tax came into force in January 2005 as part of the French Regulatory Environmental Code. 

The aim of the legislation is to reduce the amount of paper being disposed of in general household waste instead of being separated and recycled. The principal organisation assisting companies affected by the Paper Tax is Ecofolio.

What Documents are Required for Registration?
Business license (scanned copy)
Certificate of Incorporation (scanned copy)
Company Legal representative ID (scanned copy)
Product picture (best picture with logo)
Product specification (some products are provided together)
Letter of authorization (provided by us)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who should register for Paper EPR? Manufacturers, distributors, importers? Can they be authorized, representatives?

EPR Registration cannot be done under the name of the Authorised representative. Whoever puts the product on the market needs to register for EPR.

Are all the EPR projects in France registered with companies? Is it not product based? 

Yes, it is all about the company that puts the product on the market, not the product / brand.

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