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Mexico RFC Registration

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Stay compliant,  stay ahead with Safari Star's  RFC Registration Services

With Safari Star, you can simplify your RFC registration process and ensure your business stays compliant with local indirect tax laws. Trust Safari Star to guide you through the RFC registration journey , smoothly and efficiently. 

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Registro Federal de Contribuyentes  (RFC): Guidelines

If you are planning to sell goods or services in the Mexico, it is crucial to understand that you must register for Federal Taxpayer Registry Code (RFC).


To stay informed about RFC regulations and requirements in Mexico, you can refer to the official government tax portal for the latest updates and information.

At the same time, if you have any questions or concerns regarding RFC registration or compliance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to assist you with our expertise and help ensure that your business operates in compliance with all applicable regulations.

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Registration Time

  • Mexico RFC Registration currently takes 3 months to complete.

  • From the time all documents have been received.

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RFC Rate

  • The Standard Mexico RFC rate is 16%.

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Required Documents

  • Company Registration Certificate & Articles of Association.

  • Directors' Passport copy.

  • Company bank letter or Statement.

Pay monthly


800 €

One time Payment*

Registration process with Safari Star

Once you submit you online application form, a safari star service representative will contact you to begin the onboarding process. Here you will have the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions and add any additional services you may require. 

Review and Finalize your service selection

Review , sign and submit Safari Star service agreement.

Review and complete registration form.

Submit all required registration documents.

Complete payment as detailed in service agreement.

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From the point of time that all your documents have been received, the registration process will begin. The estimated time of completion is as per product details. Our registration process typically follows the following route. 

Documents and application form review.

Documents are translated and when required notarized.

Format VAT Registration application form is prepared.

Application is submitted to the tax.

Tax authorities process application

VAT number is issued.

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Filing your VAT returns: The frequency of filing varies from country to country, as well as other factors such as VAT scheme or annual sales. The process for filing usually follows this structure.

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Safari Star issues client with a VAT filing reminder.

Clients collect and submits required sales data.

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Safari Star process sales data and calculate VAT amount.

Clients reviews and confirms VAT amount.

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Safari Star files VAT return with tax authorities.

Client makes payment to tax authorities.

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