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Mexico RFC

RFC Registration| Registration Fees| RFC Liabilities

In 1980, Mexico implemented VAT, often known as IVA or Impuesto al value agregado.


The Mexican RFC Law governs all aspects of RFC registrations, compliance, refunds, and other related obligations. The Mexican Ministry of Public Finance and Credit is responsible for administering the RFC Law.


In Mexico, the usual RFC rate is 16%.


When Should You Register?

If you are a foreign or cross-border company that sells taxable items and services in Mexico, you may be obliged to register for RFC and follow with the accompanying accounting and payment obligations.
Non-resident enterprises that own or use a local facility or warehouse, such as Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse (FBA), must register with RFC.
The due date for filing monthly RFC returns in Mexico is the 27th of the month.

The payment date for RFC liabilities is determined by the filing date.
However, RFC credits may be carried forward to subsequent periods and awarded retroactively.

What Documents Do I need to Register?

To initiate the RFC registration procedure, you must provide the following documents:


  1. Directors Individual ID/Passport (Coloured Scan)

  2. Company's Business License (Coloured Scan)

  3. Screenshots of the Amazon Online Shop showing your company details (Amazon Mexico site)

  4. Articles of Organization

  5. Power of Attorney, which we prepare for our clients

  6. Form for RFC Registration that we will provide

Need an Accounting Representative?

There is no requirement in Mexico to select a local fiscal representative. You may, however, employ a certified public accountant to handle your RFC requirements.

What are the Associated Fees ?

The entire cost of RFC registration and filing for the first year is $4800. This may be divided down into RFC registration for $2,300 and RFC filing for one year at $2,500.


Our charge covers Apostille of legal documents in the United States, legal translation and document certification in Mexico, fiscal representation for one year, RFC registration, 12 monthly RFC filings, and an annual RFC filing.

How Long Does It Take?

8-16 weeks

We will be able to start the registration process once we have received all of the necessary information. Please be aware that the RFC registration process is complicated and takes 8–16 weeks to complete (from the time we have obtained all the required paperwork).

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Do I have to pay Mexican corporation tax to register my international firm for RFC in Mexico?

You only need to pay RFC if you have a permanent operation in Mexico or utilize a local warehouse like Amazon FBA. Then, you will be required to report to the Mexican RFC. As a foreign business, however, you are not required to pay local Mexican corporate tax.