EU Authorised Representative

If you have a business outside of the EU and you are importing or selling goods into the EU States, then you may need an EU Representative.

As of July 16 2021, regulation (EU) 2019/1020 (market surveillance), requires that an economic operator takes on the necessary responsibilities for products placed on the EU Market.

What information is required to register?

The full name of the EU authorized Representative (European Authorized Representative) is a natural person or legal entity specifically designated by a manufacturer located outside of the EEA (including EU and EFTA).


The natural person or legal entity may represent the manufacturer outside the EEA in performing the specific duties required by the relevant EU directives and laws against the manufacturer.

In order to better protect the consumers and the environment in the EU, EU law requires that products in the EU market must have the name and contact address of the manufacturer from countries other than the EEA (including EU and EFTA), the products must have the name and contact address of the manufacturer.

​The main responsibilities and duties of a European Authorised representative are:

Providing a registered address within the European Union

Keeping all technical documentation available for inspection by the European Authorities

Responding to Authorities when queried

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What information is required to register?

Business licence (scanned copy)

Entity Legal Representative ID (scanned copy)

Screenshot of Amazon Store Information (if trading through the Amazon platform)

CE certification-related documents

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The new EU Market Regulation 2019 / 1020 will take effect on July 16,2021, and major overseas e-commerce platforms will assume more important joint and several liability for product safety compliance.

For most sellers such as Amazon / eBay / AliExpress in China, they need to find European Authorised Representative.

Each platform, in order to be able to give the seller more preparation time, will begin contacting sending reminders about product security compliance. Sellers will have to upload CE certification qualification information as proof of compliance, which will be submitted to the eu authority bodies.

This is to certify that products put on the marketplace are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the eu laws and regulations.There have also been cases where online sellers whose goods are not marked with the CE logo have also received marketplace notifications requesting to upload European Authorised Representative information. To stay on the safe side, we would recommend that you register with a European Authorised Representative.

Question: Which Amazon sellers (or other online seller platforms such as ebay) need EU representatives?

Answer: Generally speaking, the goods sold with the CE logo and are manufactured outside the EU require EU representatives.
Common goods include toys, electronics, personal protective equipment, machinery, construction goods, gas equipment, recreational and private boats, pressure vessels, and measuring equipment.
All goods with CE signs are subject to this regulation, except for medical devices, civil explosives, and certain lift and ropeway devices.

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