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Mexican RFC Information

If you are a foreign/cross-border business selling or planning to sell goods or services in Mexico, you may be required to register for VAT with the Mexican tax office.

You can always review the latest Mexican VAT regulations on the Mexican Ministry of Public Finance and Credit Website.

Mexican RFC Information

Mexico introduced VAT in 1980, also known as IVA or Impuesto al valor agregado.


The Mexican RFC Law covers all details of RFC registrations, compliance, returns and other related requirements. The Mexican Ministry of Public Finance and Credit for regulating the RFC Law.


The standard RFC rate in Mexico is 16%.

When Should You Register?

If you are a foreign/cross-border company providing taxable supplies in Mexico, you may be required to register for RFC and comply with all associated accounting and payment requirements. 

Non-resident businesses that own or use a local establishment or use a local warehouse such as Amazon Fulfilment Warehouse (FBA), must register for RFC.

Mexican RFC returns are filed on monthly basis, and must be submitted by the 27th of the month following the period end.


RFC obligations payment date is based on the filing date.

RFC credits can however be carried forward to future periods, as well as credited backwards.

Need a Fiscal Representative?

In Mexico there is no obligation to appoint a local fiscal representative.

However, you can appoint an accountant to deal with you RFC obligations on your behalf.

What Documents Do I need to Register?

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In order to begin the RFC registration process you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Directors Personal ID/Passport (Coloured Scan)

  2. Companies Business Licence(Coloured Scan)

  3. Screenshots of the Amazon Online Shop showing your Company Information (Amazon Mexico site)

  4. Articles of Incorporation

  5. Power of Attorney (we well prepare for client to sign)

  6. RFC Registration Form (we will provide)

What are the Associated Fees ?

The total cost of RFC registration and 1st year filing is $4800. This can be broken down to registration for RFC at $2300 and the cost of 1 year RFC filing at $2500.

Our fee includes the following: Apostille of legal documentation in USA, legal translation and document certification in Mexico, 1 year fiscal representation, RFC registration, 12 monthly RFC filings and a yearly RFC filing. 

How Long does it take ?

8-16 weeks


Once we have received all of the required information, we will be able to commence with the registration process. Please note, due to the complexity of the RFC registration process the process does take 8-16 weeks to complete (from the time we have obtained all necessary paperwork).

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At Safari Star we want to see our clients and partners grow and achieve their true potential. In today's world time is money and efficiency automation is very important.

However, we also know that every business is different and therefore what might be right for one business may not necessarily be the best approach for another.

We have invested our time in building a strong team of RFC experts so that when it comes to RFC compliance, we can help you save time and money by helping you make the most efficient decisions for your business needs.

If you would like to have RFC consultation with a real person, contact us.

Already RFC Registered?

Looking to Change your current RFC Provider?

We understand that sometimes things may not work out, or your current accountant may no longer be able to service your business needs, or whatever the reason may be.

Safari Star can offer you the services your business needs at competitive prices.

Please let us know your requirements and we would be happy to transfer your RFC account over to our services as and when required by you.

Schedule a call with us or send us your details and we can discuss this further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I register my foreign company for RFC in Mexico, do I have to pay Mexican corporate tax?

Answer: No, if you are a foreign entity providing taxable goods in Mexico, you only need to pay RFC if you own a permanent establishment in Mexico or use a local warehouse such as amazon FBA. You will then be obligated to report Mexican RFC. However, as you are a foreign entity, you are not obligated to pay local Mexican corporate tax. 

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