Safari Star VAT Services

As your business evolves or moves to new markets, your VAT obligations can also change.

Here at SafariStar we stay up to date with all changes to make sure that your business stays compliant no matter where your next business venture takes you.

Global VAT Services

When it comes to VAT registration and filings, we have created national guides for each country.

Investigate each country's VAT legislation in-depth and comprehend the procedure of registering for VAT in each country, as well as your obligations regarding why you may need to register and when.








SafariStar VAT Compliance Services

VAT Registration

Our initial assessment and consultation are designed to determine your obligations based on your business activities.

VAT Reporting

SafariStar will calculate your VAT amounts and confirm with you before filing, making sure all data is prepared and submitted at the right time to minimise risk and maximise compliance.

Fiscal Representation

We will arrange fiscal representation for those countries that require local fiscal representation, in order to register VAT or file VAT returns.

VAT Payments

SafariStar will make sure that your VAT obligations are paid in the most efficient way for your business.

VAT Registration

Safari Star provides VAT registration services in Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia. For a full list of countries  please click here.

Regardless of where you trade, we will always assess your situation first to ensure that VAT registration is the right solution for you.

Where VAT registration is required, we will put together a list of documents and information required from your business in order to complete the registration as quickly and efficiently as possible.

VAT registration process can take time complete, and applications are processed faster in some countries than others. In cases where VAT obligation deadlines are missed, our professional team of accountants can help you deal with the tax authorities to argue your case on your behalf and avoid financial penalties.

VAT Reporting

Once your business is registered for VAT, you will need to make sure that your VAT returns are filled in accordance to the rules and regulations of the country.

The Safari Star professional team keeps up to date with all international tax rules and regulations to ensure that all work carried out meets the guidelines and requirements of the tax authorities.

Our team will gather all necessary data from you, perform the calculations and submit your VAT returns in timely manner to ensure that your business always remains 100% VAT compliant.

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At Safari Star we want to see our clients and partners grow and achieve their true potential. In today's world time is money and efficiency automation is very important.

However, we also know that every business is different and therefore what might be right for one business may not necessarily be the best approach for another.

We have invested our time in building a strong team of VAT experts so that when it comes to VAT compliance, we can help you save time and money by helping you make the most efficient decisions for your business needs.

If you would like to have VAT consultation with a real person, contact us.

Fiscal Representation

Some countries require for a local representative to act on your behalf when dealing with tax authorities, this is referred to as a Fiscal Representative.

In most cases the fiscal representative is partially liable for all your previous and future VAT liabilities, and in some countries the Fiscal Representative is fully liable for your VAT obligations. In some cases a yearly payment for fiscal representation is sufficient, in others however, a bank guarantee or bank deposit may be required.

Bank guarantees are based on your business performance and risk assessments carried out by the fiscal representative.

Where necessary Safari Star will inform you of Fiscal Representation requirements, and make all necessary arrangements for you, so that you can rest assured that your business remains fully compliant.

VAT Payments

VAT Payment is the final step of the VAT Returns process.

Once the VAT obligation amount has been calculated, you will need to make a payment to the tax authorities. 

Some countries will accept payments made directly from the clients bank account to the tax authorities designated account via local or international bank transfer.

Which means that you will have an option to make a payment for your VAT obligation directly from your business account to the tax authorities. Other countries will not accept international bank transfers and will require for the VAT payments to be made from a local bank account.

You can always use Safari Star VAT Payment Services and avoid the hustle of dealing with multi currency international bank transfers, by allowing us to make your VAT obligation payments on your behalf.


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