UK Authorised Representative

If you have a business outside of the UK and you are importing or selling goods into the United Kingdom, then you may need a UKCA Authorised Representative. 

WHAT IS A UKCA Authorized Representative?

Now that the UK has left the EU, new requirements for identifying who is responsible for placing products on the UK market have come into force.


In short, UK Authorized Representative is a natural person or legal entity designated by a manufacturer located outside the United Kingdom. As with the European Authorised Representative,


The UK Representative may perform the specific duties required by the relevant UK directives and laws for a manufacturer outside the UK.


Under the terms of various pieces of UK legislation enacted since the UK left EU, what was previously EU Single Market legislation has been adopted as UK domestic product safety legislation. Until new legislation is brought forward and adopted from within the UK, the rules for product safety precisely mirror (give or take some terminology changes and the UKCA Mark to replace the CE logo) what was in force in the EU Single Market on 31st December 2020.

The UK now has ‘third country’ status, which means that manufacturers and importers based in GB and selling into the EU are no longer within the European Community and will need to identify an importer or appoint an Authorised Representative who is within the EU if they wish to trade across the border. Similarly, EU based manufacturers wishing to sell in GB will now need to have representation in the UK. 

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What part does the UK Representative play?

1. After obtaining UKCA certification, UKCA logo must be printed on the product packaging, plus the name and address of the company. The product then has traceability, therefore if the customer, customs or the governing body has any questions, they can contact Authorised Representative directly.
2. When enterprises apply for certification, according to the instructions, the product must make a complete English technical document (TCF), and the technical document must cover more than 10 contents, such as risk analysis, basic requirements checklist and other contents, which is required by regulations.
Establish an accident prevention and supervision system, manufacturers outside the UK should establish an effective "accident prevention and supervision system" in the UK, and report, notify and recall of products through their authorized representatives.

The main responsibilities and duties of a UK Authorised Representative are:

  1. Providing a registered address within the European Union

  2. Keeping all technical documentation available for inspection by the European Authorities

  3. Responding to Authorities when queried


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What information is required to register?

Business licence (scanned copy)

Entity Legal Representative ID (scanned copy)

CE / UKCA certificate or product test report

DOC statement

Product Documents (provided wherever possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which products need a UK Authorised Representative?

Answer: Any products with the UKCA logo.Note: Common goods include toys and games, TV / audio, personal protective equipment, machinery, construction goods, gas equipment, leisure and private boats, pressure vessels, and measuring equipment.

Question: Which Amazon sellers (or other online seller platforms such as ebay) need UK representatives?

Answer: Any foreign business selling products in the UK or sellers selling products within the UKCA certification range.


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