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Record-Breaking Offshore Wind Turbine Installed in Scottish Wind Farm

Wind Turbine

A record-breaking offshore wind turbine is now part of Scotland’s offshore wind farm.

The turbine in question weighed in at 2,000 tonnes. It's installed by SSE, an energy company from Scotland. The turbine’s foundation was set at a depth of over 58 meters or 192 ft. It’s the world’s deepest offshore wind turbine.

The momentous, and monumental, installation happened early on Easter Sunday. The foundation is now located about 17 miles off the coast of Angus. The turbine is part of the £3 billion Seagreen offshore wind farm. It’s the largest one in Scotland. It's developed with the help of its French partner, oil super company Total.

Seagreen’s newest foundation is now unsurpassed in the world. It’s also counted as Seagreen’s 112th turbine. The company is aiming for a total of 114 turbines. This particular project is also expected to provide energy to 1.6 million homes.

This 1GW wind farm started producing electricity in August 2022. It’s set to become 100% operational in the summer.

SSE Chief Executive Alistair Phillips-Davies described the installation as a vital step. It’s important to the project’s completion. It also highlights how the company was able to pioneer and push technology’s boundaries. And they’re doing this to power change.

The Seagreen windfarm is a vital cog in SSE’s plan to invest £12.5 billion by 2026. The company plans to sink its money into projects that can push the UK's goal of being a net zero economy. SSE also has plans to invest a whopping £24 billion in the UK by the end of the decade.

Aside from Seagreen, Scottish energy company SSE has something else in the works. It's also developing the world’s largest offshore wind farm at Dogger Bank. It's located in the North Sea.

The company is among UK’s biggest domestic energy suppliers. It has increased its whole-year profit forecasts twice. This is for the financial year that ended on March 31. The impressive outcome was due to the booming revenues generated by its gas power plants.

Phillips-Davies said the United Kingdom is a known world leader in offshore wind. He added that SSE Renewables is always committed to developing more offshore wind. He underscored the company’s desire to do more. He also said it’s now time for them to rev up their plans if they want to hit the UK’s goal of 50GW of offshore wind. They want to achieve this by 2030.

MP Graham Stuart said Seagreen’s newest turbine is a terrific milestone for the UK and Scotland. The Minister of State for Energy Security said the turbine foundation is history-making. He added that it will play a critical role in Britain becoming energy self-sufficient.

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