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Our registration process ensures that you do not need to register a physical entity or a branch in Saudi Arabia, avoiding unnecessary fees whilst staying VAT compliant.

If you are planning to sell goods or services in the Saudi Arabia, it is crucial to understand that you must register for Value Added Tax (VAT).

We are always here to assist you with our expertise and help ensure that your business operates in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Our Saudi VAT service ensures that your Amazon business remains compliant and risk free whilst trading in Saudi Arabia. 

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Get rid of the hassle
of filing and paying

VAT returns in Saudi Arabia

Register your VAT with Safari Star for
100% compliance
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Safari Star provides

Free VAT


Preparation, Translation and Notarization

Filing Service



Document Fiscal Representation

Customer Service and Support


Registration time
We prepare everything you need for your tax return.

End-to-End VAT Registration
We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions, managing the entire process seamlessly.

No local income tax
No local income tax concerns - our expert team handles it all. 

Professional team
We are backed by a highly professional team with a global presence, including offices in various locations worldwide, including Saudi Arabia.

No local entity required
No need to create a local entity. Our team guides you through the process hassle-free. 

One stop Services
Our dedicated team handles everything to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for our clients.

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