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When Should You Register?

If you are a foreign/cross-border company and are planning to trade in Slovakia, you must register for VAT regardless of your turnover. Trading, in this case, can be described as selling goods, selling services or buying goods from the other EU States. The rules on VAT are more or less the same across EU countries. 

VAT can be paid monthly or quarterly, depending on the annual turnover. The deadline for filing VAT is the 25th of the month in which the return is filed (i.e. end of month or end of quarter).

Furthermore, in addition to the VAT return, all foreign entities must submit one the following:

  • a ledger statement (in Slovak) or;

  • a recapitulative statement (in Slovak)


These statements must be submitted electronically through the Slovak tax portal and accompany the VAT return statement (in Slovak)

Documents for VAT Registration

an extract from a foreign business register or other similar register (in Slovakian or Czech);
- if using a tax agent, a power of attorney (POA) with an official translation in Slovak

- applicants from third countries (i.e. non EU) are required to name an agent for correspondence in Slovakia, in which case a power of attorney is mandatory.

- copy of ID document such as a passport copy.

- scanned copy of a bank account statement

Slovakia VAT Information

Slovakia first introduced Daňz pridanej hodnoty or DPH (VAT) in 1993. After joining the European Union in 2004, Slovak Republic introduced the VAT Act, which contains most of the guidelines for on VAT registration and filing for foreign companies. VAT is regulated by Slovak Ministry of Finance, who then issue further supporting orders and insights into the Act.

Slovakia has now fully integrated the EU VAT Directives into its own laws, which cover VAT registration, compliance, VAT rates, all related declarations and VAT returns.

In general Slovakian VAT (or DPH locally) applies to all goods and services, and applies to all final consumption without exception. The VAT rates are as follows:

  • Standard VAT rate is 20%

  • Reduced VAT rate is 10%


The reduced VAT rate is charged on specific goods such as books, selected foods, medical devices, accommodation services, as well as goods and services within the social economy.​

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Slovakia VAT

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If you are a foreign/cross-border business selling or planning to sell goods or services in the Slovakia Republic, you may be required to register for VAT with the Slovakian tax office.
You can always review the latest Slovakian VAT regulations on the Slovakian government tax portal.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ


What happens if I don't register for Slovakia VAT?


Foreign entities who, in their economic activity, fail to comply with their obligations under the VAT Act are at risk of penalties. Therefore if you are planning to trade in Slovakia, we would strongly recommend that you register for VAT. There is no threshold for foreign entities and you must register as soon as you start trading.