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Late VAT Registration| VAT Investigations| Large or Complicated Business Structure

Safari Star has helped thousands of businesses handle VAT-related concerns, and we are here to help with any questions or issues.

What Makes Safari Star Different?

At Safari Star, our goal is to help everyone—our clients and partners succeed.

Efficiency and the use of automation are crucial in today's fast-paced economy. However, we also know that businesses are different and that what performs for one may not work for another.

We've spent years cultivating a small contingent of VAT experts, so we can assist you in making the best cost-effective and time-saving choices for your company's VAT compliance needs.

So, What Exactly Does Vat Consultation Entail?

Our VAT consulting service was created to understand individual businesses' requirements better to deliver a better service.

Getting on-boarded for our consultation service allows you to share more about your company set up with our team and ensure you're getting the right services for your needs. It also guarantees that your VAT compliance is in order from the start.

Before the VAT consultation, we will gather all the necessary information about your business. We can then discuss the next steps using your preferred communication method, which can be done over the phone, email, or in person.

What Happens Next?

Once we’ve completed the initial consultation and finished scoping, we can offer you further consultation or proceed with implementing the required services, such as VAT Registration, VAT Filing, Tax office Communication, etc.

Who is Eligible and What is Included?

It does not matter if you are an existing Safari Star customer or planning to sign up for our VAT compliance service.

Our VAT Consultation service is available to everyone.

We are here to help you with your VAT compliance needs.

We have decades of experience in handling VAT compliance requirements for companies all over the world. We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors, including multinational corporations and small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

Why May You Need Vat Consultation?

VAT Consultation is optional for all businesses. In most cases, VAT Registration and VAT filing are enough to ensure that you remain compliant.

However, specific scenarios can cause complications. These cases include:

Late VAT Registration

You can incur fines if you exceed the VAT threshold without registering for a VAT number. In such a circumstance, we advise you to schedule a VAT consultation with us so that we may help you register for VAT, communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf, and defend your case to reduce or eliminate any potential monetary penalties.

VAT Investigations

Investigations by tax authorities into a company's operations are standard practice, intending to ensure that all VAT duties are met. In rare cases, VAT forms may have been overlooked or computed improperly for a prior date. Mistakes in VAT returns or failing to meet other requirements might result in hefty penalties. In such a circumstance, we advise getting in touch with us for VAT consultations so that we can help you examine the issue, communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf using accurate data, and defend your case to reduce or eliminate any potential monetary penalties.

Large or Complicated Business Structures

As your company develops and extends worldwide, we recognize that it may need a tailored strategy that is tax effective and not simply VAT compliant. With Safari Star's help, you will save time and money registering for services or paying taxes where it is optional.

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