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VAT Registration | VAT Return | Tax Representation

Online VAT management made easy

Here's everything you need to know about VAT registration , Returns, Tax Representation and your legal obligations. 

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What makes us different?

At Safari Star, we want our customers and partners to flourish and realize their full potential.

In today's world, time is money, and automation is crucial for efficiency.

However, we are also aware that every business is unique, and what may be appropriate for one organization may be a better solution for another.

We have committed time to create a solid team of VAT specialists so that, when it comes to VAT compliance, we can help you save time and money by guiding you toward the most cost-effective business choices.

We welcome everyone!

Safari Stars is a specialized service that assists with VAT compliance for anyone who needs it. It's the perfect solution for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.


What Is Included in Our Consultation Services?

Our VAT consultation services focus on understanding the individual business needs of your company so that we can offer more tailored assistance and service plans. We know that this can be a complicated process and that it is essential to be able to provide an individual service plan for your company.

Through our consultation service, you can tell us more about your company's structure so that we can advise you on the best services for your company and guarantee 100% VAT compliance.

We ensure your business's needs are consistently met before the next steps. We meet with you and discuss your preferred means of communication to avoid misunderstandings.

What Happens After the Initial Consultation?

Once we've finished the initial scoping, we may provide additional consultation or start implementing the needed services, such as Registering for VAT, Filing for VAT, Communicating with the Tax Office, and Other Related Procedures.

Why do you need a VAT consultation?

VAT Consultation is not required for all companies, and in most cases, VAT Registration and VAT Filing are quick, straightforward, and sufficient to ensure that your business is VAT compliant. 

VAT consultation may be required in the following cases:

You may be subject to fines if you exceed the VAT threshold without registering for a VAT number on time. We advise that you seek our advice by scheduling a VAT consultation so that we may help you register for VAT, communicate with the relevant tax authorities on your behalf, and defend your case to minimize or eliminate any potential monetary penalties.


Late VAT registration

VAT Investigations


Audits by tax authorities to check if businesses are meeting their VAT responsibilities are not unusual. VAT filing irregularities might occur if a VAT calculation for a prior date is overlooked or inaccurate. Fines for late or poorly submitted VAT returns may be rather steep. If this happens, you should schedule a VAT consultation with us so that we can help you analyze the issue, communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf with the correct information, and defend your case so that any monetary penalties are kept to a minimum or avoided altogether.

Expanding Business Structure

As your company develops and extends globally, we recognize that it may need a customized solution to be VAT compliant and tax effective. To ensure that you do not waste time and money registering for services or paying taxes in jurisdictions where it is not required, Safari Star can evaluate your company and provide VAT and tax consulting.

No matter the structure of your company or the nature of your needs, we can assist you.

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