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VAT Registration | VAT Reporting | Fiscal Representation | VAT Payments

All you need to know about VAT

Working with Safari allows you to focus on selling what you do best , while saving time. 

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VAT Payments

VAT Registration

The VAT registration services of Safari Star are available throughout the European Union, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia.

For a complete list of countries, please click here. We can help with any business, no matter where you trade. That's why we always do a detailed assessment to ensure that VAT registration is the right solution.

 Where VAT registration is required, we will put together a list of documents and information your business needs to complete the registration as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The VAT registration process can take time, and applications are processed faster in some countries than others. In cases where VAT obligation deadlines are missed, our professional team of accountants can help you deal with the tax authorities to argue your claim on your behalf and avoid financial penalties.

VAT Reporting

Once your company is set up for VAT, you'll need to file your VAT returns on time and according to local regulations.

To guarantee that every work performed complies with the guidelines and requirements of the tax authorities, the experienced staff at Safari Star stays up to speed on all international tax laws and regulations.

With our help, you can rest assured that your company will always fully comply with VAT regulations. We will collect all relevant information from you, do all essential calculations, and file all required returns on time.

Fiscal Representation

A fiscal representative is a person or organization you designate to speak on your behalf with legal authority to act on your behalf before the tax authorities of a particular country.


In most places, the company's representative is partially responsible for part of the VAT and other taxes. There are some exceptions to this rule.


There are countries where the fiscal representative is wholly liable for the VAT requirements and liabilities. A bank guarantee may be required instead of an annual payment for your business' representation.


This amount would be based on your company's performance and risk level, which our representative will assess. Where necessary, Safari Star will inform you of fiscal representation requirements and make all arrangements so that your business remains fully compliant.


Your tax requirements can be complicated and difficult because so many things need to be done at once. That's why we'll take care of everything while giving you peace of mind that your VAT and tax requirements are taken care of without risk. What more could you ask for?

VAT Payment is the final stage of the VAT Returns Process. After calculating your VAT liability, you will be required to submit the payment to the tax authorities.

Some countries may accept local or international bank transfers straight from the client's bank account to the tax authority's authorized account.


Therefore, you will be able to pay your VAT directly to the tax authorities from your company account. Other jurisdictions will not allow foreign bank transfers for VAT payments and require local bank accounts.

Using Safari Star VAT Payment Services will eliminate the hassle of dealing with multi-currency international bank transactions.

We at Safari Star are here to help you reduce your tax burden with the help of our tax experts.

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